Kobayashi City's newest addition: Department of SIMCITY BUILDIT

What’s the ideal landscape for the future Kobayashi?A city where people want to live... a city that people want to visit.In October, Kobayashi City established the Department  of SIMCITY BUILDIT based on the world-renowned game for creating virtual towns and cities. Municipal employees and residents alike can try their hand at SimCity and take part in discussions to determine Kobayashi's ideal layout for the future.As part of their mission, the SIMCITY BUILDIT Department encourages all participants to play and plan as if they were the mayor of Kobayashi City!

What is the Department of SIMCITY BUILDIT?

Comprehending and envisioning plans for urban development
through conventional documentation is a difficult task.

The visualization enjoyed in popular video games is, well, game changing!
It allows everyone to join in the discussion and planning process.

Any city or town belongs to all of its residents.
Logically, plans for development and improvement should also belong to everyone.

SIMCITY BUILDIT enables us to
recreate Kobayashi within a game format.

The Mayor of Kobayashi established the new Department of SIMCITY BUILDIT
to help lead discussions on an ideal future
based on various simulations using the game’s virtual sandbox.

Department members include the Mayor, city hall staff,
and the future inheritors of Kobayashi – local high school students.

We will continue to update this site as activities progress.

Urban Development Planning Committee

  • Oct. 26: 1st Urban Development Planning Meeting
  • Nov. 2: 2nd Urban Development Planning Meeting
  • Nov. 9: 3rd Urban Development Planning Meeting
  • Nov. 28: 4th Urban Development Planning Meeting
  • Dec. 7: 5th Urban Development Planning Meeting
  • Mid-Dec.: Urban Development Town Meeting

Mayor YouTuber

Department Members


Yoshihisa MIYAHARA

Mayor of Kobayashi and creator of the SIMCITY Department.
A courageous and energetic man,
willing to take risks and try new approaches to solve problems.

City Hall Staff

Municipal staff in charge of regional revitalization.
Reliable and amazing individuals, passionately dedicated to the future of Kobayashi
and intensely enthusiastic about SimCity!

Jyunichi FUKAMI
Hiroshi FUJII

Kobayashi Shuho High School Students

Energetic, outgoing students and the future of Kobayashi!
This group, comprising 70% female and 30% male students,
is ready to think out of the box and implement innovative ideas.

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